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Terms of Agreement

Home of Houseplants is able to receive shipment of your plants, chemically treat in accordance with ICA-29 requirements, with accredited fungicides and pesticides. The plant/s will then be bare-rooted and the root ball wrapped in moist paper towel and aluminium foil, before being bubbled wrapped and inserted into a postal tube or box, depending on the size of the plant or plants in question. A copy of the Plant Health Assurance Certificate (PHAC) will also be affixed to the exterior of your parcel.

Home of Houseplants will also provide a PHAC to Biosecurity authorities in advance of your plant/s arriving at Hobart or Perth airports. Your plants will then be inspected by biosecurity officers upon arrival before being returned to the postal system for delivery to your nominated address.




Home of Houseplants accepts no liability for any damage sustained to plants during the process of chemically treating your plants or shipping them to the desired destination. This is particularly important if you are considering purchasing a plant from another online seller and having it posted to Home of Houseplants for chemical treatment before sending on to the final destination. Because of this, we recommend you contact us directly to discuss your particular requirements in advance of any impending purchase. While most plants cope well with the chemical treatment process, there is a risk that your plant may die or deteriorate from such treatment. There is also a risk incurred with shipping plants via Australia Post, in terms of damage being sustained during transit or whilst being inspected by quarantine authorities. Home of Houseplants does not accept any liability or compensate for any damage sustained due to:

  • chemical treatment process whilst in our care;
  • damage incurred during shipment; or
  • quarantine inspection



Home of Houseplants charges a minimum of $50 for this service for up to 3 plants, in addition to express post postage costs. For WA customers a further $20 surcharge will apply. For 4 to 5 plants, this cost increases to $100. For more than 5 plants, please contact us directly for an individual quote.

We strongly recommend that you elect to have insurance with Australia Post, which we can arrange at the time of shipping, to reimburse you should the plants be lost or damaged during shipping. Depending upon the value of the plant or plants, this can range from $5 to $20, which is in addition to postage costs.

If you are shipping plants to us for this treatment, please ensure that they are sent to us via Express Post, to minimise any stress caused to the plants during shipping.  Please also  ensure that the seller includes their full name and postal address on the parcel and identifies the genus and species of the plant/s being posted either inside or on the exterior of the parcel.

Plants received for plant concierge are chemically treated over the weekend and posted each Monday (excluding public holidays).  It is therefore a weekly service. Home of Houseplants will advise you of the tracking number once the parcel has been posted and an invoice will be emailed to you once the plants have been posted by home of Houseplants.



Each customer must sign and date this document (see last page) in advance of utilising this service and return to [email protected]


Home of Houseplants must be notified in advance of plants being shipped to us for chemical treatment to ensure we are able to process the plants at the time you require it.  We also request that you email us with the scientific name (genus and species) of each plant or plants you wish us to chemically treat. This will allow us to verify in advance with the relevant authorities that the plants are permitted into Tasmania or Western Australia.

For WA customers, please note that there are many plants that are not permitted entry into WA and so it is imperative that advance notice is given of purchasing plants from a third party seller and sending plants to Home of Houseplants, to minimise disappointment or unnecessary expense to you.


In advance of Home of Houseplants receiving the plant/plants, we also request you provide us with your full name and address (as the consignor), in addition to the full name and address of the person who will receive the goods, once they reach their final destination (the consignee). This may be the same person. This is required by us to complete the relevant paperwork for quarantine purposes.


If customers are buying from another online seller (such as ebay) or from an online nursery, the full name and address of the seller or online seller must be provided to Home of Houseplants, in advance of the plant/s being sent to us for treatment. This information is necessary to complete the relevant paperwork for Biosecurity authorities.

If this information is not provided in advance of the plant or plants being received, Home of Houseplants reserves the right to withhold the plant or plants until such information is provided. Failure to do so within 28 days of the plant or plants first being received will result in the plants being forfeited or destroyed.


Plants under stress

On occasions, plants bought from another seller have already experienced stress from shipping and their condition upon arrival may not be suitable for chemical treatment at that time. If that occurs, Home of Houseplants will consult with you directly about whether it would be necessary for us to care and rehabilitate the plant for a few weeks before administering chemical treatment.

Home of Houseplants reserves the right to delay chemical treatment if in our opinion, any plant or plants received are not in good condition upon arrival or are stressed excessively. In such cases, Home of Houseplants will advise you of this and delay chemical treatment until it has recovered.



Caution when handling chemically treated plants

In order to comply with legislative requirements, Home of Houseplants treats plants received for this service with fungicides and insecticides, which are toxic. Home of Home of Houseplants strongly recommends using disposable gloves to handle plants or plant material upon arrival. It is also recommended that you rinse the root ball and foliage of each plant in water outdoors and minimise further handling of the plant once it has been potted. Children or pets should be kept away from chemically treated plants.


Do not source plants from Western Australia or Victoria

Home of Houseplants cannot accept plants sourced from Western Australia (due to risk of green snail infestation) or Victoria, due to nematodes, unless they are accompanied by a Plant Health Assurance Certificate. This is a costly process and is rarely offered by ebay sellers. For this reason, Home of Houseplants recommends avoiding sourcing plants in these States.


Consent to email communication

By using this service, you consent to Home of Houseplants retaining your full name and email address for the purposes of communicating with you in future regarding changes to this service and/or changes to quarantine regulation or legislation.


How and when do I pay?

Effective from 5 September 2019, all clients using this service will be invoiced via email and payment must be made immediately, after which the plant will be shipped. Plants will not be shipped until payment in full on the invoice is made.  Home of Houseplants will retain possession of the plants until payment is made. Failure to pay the invoice will result in Home of Houseplants reserving the right to retain the plants or destroy them after 21 days of no contact regarding the outstanding amount. By signing this agreement, you agree to this express term.




Thank you for your interest in this service. We pride ourselves in offering excellent service both to you and your beloved plants. Please know that your plants will be cared for as if they were our own and please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this matter further.

Our reputation and your happiness is of most importance to us and we look forward to helping you source or move these precious plants across Australia.


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