Welcome to Plant Concierge

Have you found a plant or plants that you want to buy on ebay or other online nurseries within Australia but live in Western Australia or Tasmania?

Do you want to sell plants to customers based in  Western Australia or Tasmania but feel overwhelmed by all the legislation, paperwork and chemical treatments that will ensure that the plants arrive safely and are not confiscated and destroyed?

Are you moving to Tasmania or Western Australia  and want to take your plants with you?

Home of Houseplants, an online retailer of rare and hard to find indoor plants, has been fully accredited since January 2018 to chemically treat and ship permitted plants into the strict quarantine areas of  Western Australia,  and Tasmania.

We are proud to advise that since gaining accreditation in early 2018, we have processed and treated hundreds of plants for our clients. Not only do we ship our own plants into these strict quarantine regions of Australia but we also offer our plant concierge service, for plants sourced from other sellers, nurseries and growers.

Honest and Dependable

Every week, we ship dozens of our plants all around Australia, so you can be sure that your plants will be cared for to the highest of standards.


We have over 40 reviews on Facebook and hundreds on our Home of Houseplants website, so you can be sure we are a trusted company.

1000's of Happy Customers

We have many happy customers who have shopped with us. Let us make you the next one!